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#1 - Cruel Torture Comics - (Torture Comics + Torture Cartoons collection)
Cruel Torture Comics - Enter Here

Cruel Torture Comics - In the brutal porn drawings we offer you at this website things never get too complicated – those haughty cunts think they call the shots with their pretty faces and fuckable bodies, but our torture comix are here to show them that they are nothing but sexy cock slaves. Pinned down, bound and gagged, they will be flogged and bruised by hours and eventually beg for a cock thrust deep into their entrails like their sweetest escape from brutal manners of their rapists. You will find no wooing here – those cockscrews are ruled with strong hands and hard cocks. Join the site now and you will receive membership passwords to dozens of quality sites with similar BDSM content. More websites, more tears and screams, more cum-drenched raped pussies!  

Cruel Torture Comics

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#2 - Toons Assault - Only cruel and perverted porn comics
Toons Assault Toons Assault - As the name itself suggests, Pain Comics relives the stories of hottest cock teasers who were hapless enough to get caught, tortured and raped into submission. Colorful and sepia cruel sex drawings will take you away on a journey to alternative reality – dimension where every vixen gets taught some brutal fuck lessons. Pretty girls chained by their wrists and totally immobilized for the ultimate pleasure of horny brutes are so accessible that you start feeling that you only need to reach out and grab them by their fat titties, squeezing the hell out of them and making them cry – but tears and shrieks only add to the thrill and sexual eagerness that these extreme comics build inside of you! Get bonus accesses to many more sites with gigabytes of torture artwork with your Pain Comics membership!

Toons Assault

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#3 - Pain Comics - Cruel porn art, exteme torture comics and sadistic sex cartoons.
Toons Fear - Enter Here Pain Comics - Fear and humiliation is what awaits the hottest cunts in our unabridged rape comics at More Toons Fear. Get yourself engaged into another kind of reality where girls can be treated like dirt – no pleading them for their consent to spread their legs, but forcing them into complete submission. Brutal porn drawings are made up by the most cruel torture art that revolve around miscellaneous scenarios united by one motif – sexy girls stripped, chained, hurt with the help of formidable-looking sex devices and forced to take up thick smelly cocks in each of their snug fuck holes. Join us now to get your bonus memberships in other quality websites with exclusive violent drawings inside!

Pain Comics

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#4 - 3D BDSM Dingeon - 3D Bondage & 3D Tortures

3D BDSM Dungeon - Enter Here : 3D Bondage and 3D BDSM Art

3D BDSM Dingeon -  Raw and uncensored, 3d bondage comics at Pain Art brim with exciting events that happen in far-off lands, distant in time and reality, but still appealing in their wild and coarse way. Beauties get captured and violated, they scream and beg for mercy – unless their mouths are not gagged on monstrous cocks – but still have to endure the pain and humiliation the tortures always brings to a woman. Meanwhile, you may seat back and enjoy the triumph of physical strength of a male brutally dominating a female until he satisfies his most immediate fuck needs – and even then continues to play with his sexy defenseless prey, toying with sappy girlie boobies and pink pussy, sore and torn apart after hours of merciless hammering!

3D BDSM Dungeon

Visit 3D BDSM Dungeon (Perfect BDSM 3D Art)!!!

#5 - Girls Eater's - Very Cruel Comics

Girls Eater's - Enter Here

 Girls Eater's - Come hungry – we’ve got hundreds of the most fuckable girls on the menu! They are alive and kicking, and we love it that way! Undressed and immobilized with cords, ropes and chains, those hotties will eventually have their delicate pussies subjected to all sorts of sexual abuse. Each babe in our 3D torture comics looks too hot for her own good, and there is no doubt that those large boobs were made for forced tit-fucking and those tight anal slits could do with some stretching. Their assets showing through torn clothes and their bodies swaying limply under the thrusts of unwanted cocks, those honeys can produce the sexiest sounds around – see cutest girls getting raped hard now!

Girls Eater's

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#6 - Japanese Ropes - Cruel sex artworks of very young Japanese girls in ropes

Japanese Ropes - Enter Here

Japanese Ropes - Sometimes the best way to woo a hot bitch is to tie her down so that she could not move a finger while the man is having fun with her fuck holes. The cruel comics at Japanese Ropes brim with sexiest stories that tell about hapless babes who get captured and raped over and over again, until their pussies go too sore to even take a pee. Whipped, humiliated and abused, girls here gladly take cocks of their masters – the cocks that they would have never wanted before the sexual tortures! This is really a unique technique to teach those sluts obedience in bed!

Japanese Ropes 

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#7 - Toons Assault - All kinds of torture comics 

Toons Assault - Enter Here

Toons Assault - The hottest sluts are usually damn difficult to dag into bed – so why not drag them there by force? Babes with big tits and juicy bums are easy preys for horny males, and it does not matter if they want a cock inside their pussies and assholes or they don’t – they are going to get it anyways! Bound, beaten and frightened, those cunts are handled like true fuck toys. See boobs on hottest raped girls get hurt and tortured as their pussies go ruined while stuffed with meaty unwanted cocks! Let them hate you and let them be scared – they still will not escape the sex wrath of their torturers!

Toons Assault

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